Wilson, NC, Prices-Scrap Metal
Rocky Mount, NC
Tarboro, NC

Due to the volatility and frequent changes of prices, we cannot put them on the website, BUT if you call our main number at 252-243-3586 we can tell you about "Today's Prices". Thank you for finding us on the Web. Make sure you see "What We Buy" and see our home page for Special Offers.

We are Wilson Metal Recycling, working hard to have the best prices for scrap metal, copper, aluminum cans, computers, brass, printers, electronics, LCD Monitors, batteries, lead and more. We are even now a Car Battery Store, selling used, cheap, affordable, refurbished, car batteries for your vehicle. Sell your scrap metal to us. We are a great Wilson Recycling Center. We are so close to Rocky Mount, NC, so many say we are a Rocky Mount Recycling Location. Even s drop off center for computers, e-waste, e-cycle. A great junkyard here in Wilson, North Carolina. To recycle, iron, steel and more, all for cash, real money!