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Lead X-Ray Apron Disposal

Lead aprons are a very important part of our lives and something we all know about from seeing a dentist. Lead aprons protect us from dangerous X-rays. We also know lead from lead poisoning, due to lead was in paint many years ago. Lead is very dangerous when handled incorrectly.

That is why we are Wilson Metal Recycling JG make it easy for you. We are lead apron recyclers and we recycle all types of lead aprons. If you are looking for a way to dispose of lead aprons, it is easy. If you are in the Wilson, NC area, just come and drop them off. If not, just send them to our Raleigh marketing partner for simple recycling! Just pay the shipping to Raleigh and they send you a check! Yes you might only get about 10 cents a pound, but the key is we safely recycle them. They are then turned into new aprons or even car batteries. We understand recycling and how to do it safely for all.

So if you are a dental office, or a hospital, or even a dental school and you are looking for a way to dispose of your dental aprons, just pack them up and send them to Raleigh, NC.

Ship to:
Raleigh Metal Recycling
2310 Garner Road
Raleigh, NC, 27610

Note we accept shipments from all 50 States in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

We make it simple. Just print out this page and include in the box.

Lead Apron Recycling-Make check payable to:

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