Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling
Wilson, NC, Tarboro, NC and more!

Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling are part of what we do here at Wilson Metal Recycling Center. We buy all types of Computers (laptops, pcs, Towers, Servers, and Mainframes) Printers, Copiers, UPS devices with Lead Acid Batteries and more. People think of Computer Disposal. We are Computer Recycling and e-waste Recycling. We do not think Electronic Waste, we think of Electronics Recycling.

North Carolina currently bans computers and electronics from going to landfill and the good news is, we actually buy them! We buy them by the truck load or one at a time from the Public. Importantly, Computer Recycling is critical due some computers have some have toxic materials in them. Recycling them responsibly is what we do. If you want to know how to recycle a computer, just bring it to us! If you are looking for a Computer Recycler, Call us!

For more information on Computer Recycling and Electronics Recycling call us at 252-243-3586. Also see What We Buy, for other things we Recycle.

Wilson Metal Recycling Center right here in Wilson County, North Carolina is your place for Computer Recycling. A real Electronics Recycling Center.

Lastly, sorry, at this time we do not buy TVs or monitors.